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Welcome to your home for healing.

I'm Amira Lizabeth, the founder of Sunflower Wellness (SFW). My lifelong passion for helping and healing others has led me to establish SFW, where my aim is to make a positive impact on people's lives.

After five years of experience as a medical assistant, I realized that natural and traditional medicine, along with esthetics, were my true calling. At SFW, I believe that taking care of our bodies holistically, both internally and externally, can prevent many common diseases. I strongly advocate for preventative care, and I firmly believe that it is the best medicine.

In addition to promoting overall wellness, I also understand the importance of looking and feeling our best which is why I have included beauty services in my practice to enhance your confidence.

Each service is carefully tailored to fit each clients wants and needs because we're all different and unique. Everyone is greeted with a smile and warm welcome because at SFW, the comfort and happiness of each client is my number one goal. Come relax and de-stress with me today!

- Amira

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